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Pinterest.jpg is one of the newest growing social media websites where people share ideas, hobbies, tutorials, and much more. There is a specific Wedding and Events section of the website where people share everything from their pictures of their dress, their centerpieces, or even bridal party gifts. I love Pinterest because it acts as a digital magazine where you can digitally save the pages you want all in one organized place. Any idea that you love can quickly be pinned to your page to help with the planning of every aspect of your wedding!

At Platinum Lining Events, we use to connect with our brides and share creative ideas. There is a feature where you may share a board with someone else and all members may add ideas. Once a bride establishes a theme or color scheme, I create the board and invite them to share their inspiration allowing both the planner and bride to see what each had in mind. The website also features private boards so only people you choose can see what is being pinned to that board. Pinterest gives me a chance to have a collaborative space with my brides to help put together the look and feeling of their wedding.?

I also have many other boards to give brides inspiration and an idea of what they might want on their wedding day. Things such as dresses, cakes, centerpieces, hairstyles, and grooms fashion are all pinned on our page. Visit our site to get inspiration: