A Real Brides Interview with LaDawn Williams:

What inspired you to become a wedding planner & how long have you been doing what you do?

It honestly happened when I was planning my own wedding. I know that is very cliché, but its true! I fell in love with all things wedding! During my own planning, I was working in the Entertainment Industry as a HR Manager and had the opportunity to plan a number of elaborate events for Hollywood's elite. They love to throw fabulous events and I loved making them come to life! Planning, Coordinating, Organizing and Creating just came naturally for me! Planning these large, upscale events also fueled my desires for elaborate wedding planning and I even had the opportunity to help plan a celebrity wedding at the time – wow that was an unforgettable experience! Then, in the middle of planning my own wedding I was laid off. A sign of things to come, although I didn't think so at the time. When I got back from my honeymoon I looked and looked for another job in the entertainment industry, and it wasn't as easy as I thought it would be, times were tough. So, I turned my lemons into lemonade and took this opportunity to reinvent myself and my career and I started looking into Event and Wedding Planning as a business and the rest is history!!

My Corporate background is in Human Resources and I have a Bachelor's Degree in Radio Television Broadcasting (I thought I would be a News Anchor - LOL) and I managed from an HR role, several companies in the Entertainment Industry as well as the Pharmaceutical Industry. I consider myself a great listener and I have a natural ability to bring resolutions to situations. I am also an award winning Wedding Planner, 5 Star Rated with Wedding Wire and a Certified Wedding Consultant from the American Academy of Wedding Professionals. I am a Member of the Association of Bridal Consultants and have earned the designation of Professional Bridal Consultant™.

I have been planning weddings since 1998 (the year I got married – I count that one) and I officially went into the business of Wedding Planning in 2000, which is over 11 years of Wedding and Event Planning Experience! My favorite part of being a Wedding Planner is being part of implementing my client's vision! We actually get to make our client's vision; desires and personality come to life!

I bring all of this experience with me into my wedding business. I am extremely organized, I have excellent customer service skills, and I am a "people" person. I've been told I can read my clients minds! All of these qualities help me excel at wedding planning. I am naturally creative and have a flare for style and design. There could not be a more perfect career choice in this world for me. The talents I naturally possess are all necessary to help couples like you bring their personalities into their wedding day as well as allow them to enjoy and have fun during their engagement and feel confident in their wedding planning experience. I love, love, love what I do. It never feels like a job, honestly. My staff and I spend time getting to know our couples - You are "Our" guests and during "Our" engagement together, we will do everything to bring your desires to life. This is a Team effort and my team and I will work together with you to deliver a successful wedding that is our guarantee!

What sets you apart from other wedding planners?
Platinum Lining Events is my full-time job it is not a side business or a hobby. I don't talk the talk; I walk the walk, every day. I like to call myself the VP of Fun & Romance! I have a beautiful office space located in Upland, California and I go to the office at least 5 days a week, and then most of my events and weddings fall on the weekend. My corporate background keeps me focused on the business side and I am serious about what I do! I am 100% involved in all of the events at PLE, but I do have a team of awesome women that are there for me 100% too. I tell my clients, "I'm here to keep You sane and stress free and my team is there to keep me sane and stress free!" We've been doing this a long time so you can rely on us to always be there for you. We have dedicated office hours; we will return your calls, emails and texts. We will be there throughout the entire process.

Our Philosophy is to treat our clients as our guests. You will always be our priority. We want you to feel like you are our only client even if you're not. It is our goal to provide a professional, friendly experience. But mostly, our many years of event/wedding planning, design experience and an impeccable customer service record is what sets us apart from the rest. We will SAVE you money because of our long standing relationships with industry professionals and we will always recommend the BEST professionals within your budget, style and personality!

We are experts in planning weddings throughout the Inland Empire, San Gabriel Valley, Orange & LA County and the Dessert Areas. Our weddings have been featured on Style Me Pretty, Grey Likes Weddings, Wedding Wave, Ceremony Magazine and Recycled Bride. 

Will I lose control of my wedding if you plan it for me?

This is one of the biggest misconceptions about planners. No, of course not. Because of our many years of experience, we have incredible resources and knowledge of pulling together a successful wedding every time. We will help you with all the details and recommend professional vendors so you don't have to worry about those things, but it will always be your vision, your ideas pulled together seamlessly and in a logical order. We do not take over it's your wedding we just try and take away a lot of the stress and do a lot of the leg work and research for you. But no matter what program we design for you, you will be completely involved in every single decision!

We at Platinum Lining Events work really hard to make sure each and every one of our clients enjoy their special day! On your wedding day, you will be able to relax and enjoy the moment while my staff and I work very hard behind the scenes to bring your vision to life, together with a team of professionals that we will work with you to hire.

Who would benefit from working with you?

Busy Brides and Grooms will benefit from working with us. If you want your dream wedding, but you don't have the time, resources, or expertise to bring it to life, you will benefit from hiring Platinum Lining Events. If you understand the importance of hiring professionals for this once in a lifetime event, and you have an open mind you will benefit. If you already have the design and feel in mind, but you have no idea how to bring it all together, you're a perfect candidate as well. If you want to do most of the pre-planning yourself, but you know you at least want a "Month Of" planner to handle all of the last minute details you will benefit. Whether you have the know-how or are totally overwhelmed by all the information, you will benefit from working with us because we will offer you our industry experience, answer your questions, be your voice of reason, calm your fears and plan your wedding logically and rationally within your budget and SAVE you Money. A great event is all in the details. If you don't plan accordingly, you could end up spending a lot more time and cash than you bargained for.

Who would not benefit from working with you?

Hiring a wedding planner is the most important vendor you will hire and out of all your wedding vendors, she will be spending the most time with you. That being said, when choosing your wedding planner one of the most important things to remember is that you have to feel 100% comfortable with the person you choose. You have to like her personality, style and her way of conducting business. I honestly don't believe there are brides and grooms who wouldn't benefit from hiring us, but we must be a good fit for one another in order to create your perfect day. You will have to relinquish some control and you will have to trust us 100%. If you don't think you can do this, then a planner may not be a good fit for you. But, if you know you want to hire a wedding planner, I suggest interviewing several planners and choose the one whose personality makes you excited and that you really trust and feel comfortable around.

We love your Passion, and Your Portfolio, but how can we afford to hire a Professional Wedding Planning Team?
Honestly, you can't afford not to! Remember earlier I mentioned we will SAVE you money, we will! Have you ever planned a wedding before? Can you actually afford to make costly mistakes? Are you running out of time to research and hire the best vendors? Most brides even the ones that hire us, don't realize how much they needed a professional wedding planner until the day after their wedding. Hundreds of hours are spent creating and researching throughout the planning process.  Not to mention the stress that creeps in as the days go by when you're doing it all alone or without professional experience. At every major event in life professionals are present! A doctor delivers a baby, clergy persons baptize and confirm children, city and school officials preside at graduations, directors take charge of movies and stage productions and licensed persons perform marriages. In each of these events rituals are involved. There is a system for each, carried out by someone trained to do so. With the high cost of weddings and the time involved can you really take the chance to make any mistakes and waste money? An enormous amount of thought and work goes into planning a wedding and we are 100% dedicated to the process, we love planning weddings. Hiring a wedding planner will be one of the most important investments in all of your planning; we would love to take this journey with you both! Just take a moment to think about the value of your investment in a Wedding Planner from Platinum Lining Events. We are not offering a tangible product but we are offering you peace of mind and a wedding that will run smoothly and one you and your family can completely enjoy without worrying.

Some brides feel a coordinator is too expensive. Compared to what? Your Wedding Dress? The Reception? The Band? The Photographer? Overall, the money spent for a coordinator is a small percentage of your overall wedding budget. We can actually save you money because we know the "going" price and frequently can negotiate prices on your behalf. Other vendors are happy to give you discounts when they know you have hired a wedding planner because they can focus on their craft and not have to wear multiple hats throughout the day trying the manage your event on your behalf.

What is your payment policy?
We accept all major credit cards and of course cash or checks.  We make planning your wedding affordable and everyone is automatically put on a payment plan suitable to their needs. We normally ask for 1/3 of our fee to retain our services and we offer payment plans for your remaining balance. We do everything we can to make this easy on your planning and your wallet.

This sounds like what I'm looking for. What comes next?
Fabulous! The next step is for you to call me 909-946-7222 or you can email me to set up a complimentary "Get Acquainted" session. I would love to hear about your wedding plans, and I'll be happy to walk you through my programs to see how we can customize a program that best fits your needs and your budget. Normally we create custom programs for each of our clients because everyone's needs are different. We don't force you into box.

We are extremely Thankful that you took the time to visit and read all "About" Platinum Lining Events. I look forward to helping bring grace and luxury to your wedding, find professional vendors, get the best value for your money, and have fun being engaged and planning your wedding!

LaDawn Williams, PBC 
Professional Bridal Consultant™/Certified Wedding Coordinator

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