How to Beat the Heat at Your Summer Wedding

How to Beat the Heat at your Summer Wedding!!

Summer is the most popular time to get married. 90% of my weddings happen between May – September!  But, just like brides that get married in the winter have to plan for storms, rain and the chilly weather, brides in the summer months should also be conscience of the HOT weather when planning their summer wedding! We have had some scorching hot days the last couple of weeks and I want you to have a plan just in case your wedding day falls during a heat wave.
In California we can get some really hot summers days so below are a few tips and ideas to help you and your guests beat the heat for your summer wedding.
Tip #1: Try and have the ceremony and reception indoors if the facility has central air-conditioning (not such a good idea if they don’t).
Tip #2: If you are having any part of your wedding outside in the summer heat, try and schedule your start time for the late afternoon or early evening. If at all possible do not schedule a start time for 12pm-3pm (hottest time of the day). Think about a sunset wedding or a nighttime wedding!
Tip #3: If there is no natural shade available consider renting a tent. If a tent isn’t in your budget, consider offering Paper Fans that can double as your program, Parasols or Market Umbrellas to help keep your guests cool.
Tip #4: Schedule your event close to the coast, it’s usually 5-10 degrees cooler than inland.
Tip #5: Make sure to provide plenty of non-alcoholic beverages to keep your guests hydrated (alcohol is dehydrating). If your ceremony is outside, try and have a complimentary water station set-up or provide personalized water bottles.
Tip #6: Skip the formal black tuxedo’s and try and have your bridesmaids in a breathable fabric, cocktail length if possible. If you have long hair, consider wearing your hair up!
Most of the time, the weather is that one thing on wedding day we can not predict too far in advance during your wedding planning. However, you can plan for it. Always keep a “B” plan in your wedding planning and budget in case of weather problems. Always ask your venue what they offer in case of extreme heat or rain.
001703-R1-E012Photo By: Desi Baytan