Grooms Attire

Some brides dream about their wedding dresses their whole lives and know exactly when they find the perfect one, but what about your groom? Your groom should look just as good as you at the wedding, and might need a few tips.
A dark suit or tuxedo in black is very traditional and classic, you just can’t go wrong with this option. But, this option is more common and easy to find.  What if your groom wants to add a little pizazz to his black suit/tux I would suggest he consider pattern options like:
*Pinstripe- thin lines running vertically on the suit jacket and pants and is a very flattering for all body types.
*Windowpane– vertical and horizontal stripes crossing each other to make a windowpane effect, making this print a little more playful.
I love the groom that is ready to be completely different and non-traditional. That would fall under the category of a light color suit,  perfect for spring and summer time weddings. Colors such as tan, grey and taupe bring a lighter and more causal feeling to the wedding overall and will help keep your groom and groomsmen cooler during the warmer months.  Grooms who enjoy the casual look may also consider not wearing a jacket at all. A vest or simply a button down shirt, are always great options as well.
What if you still want to keep it formal but your groom wants to make a fashion statement but stay clear of the traditional black? How about a velvet jacket, dark paisley or even white jacket? These will be sure to make a fashion statement!
Some of the best dressed men just walked the red carpet at the Oscars. Draw on their style for inspiration for your groom. Just make sure your groom’s attire compliments and is in the same style category of the dress you choose! Don’t wear a formal gown and have your groom in a linen, tan suit! Your dress sets the tone so make sure you have purchased it before your groom goes shopping!