5 Tips on how to Personalize Your Wedding Vows


It is easy to get caught up in the dress, the food, the DJ, the venue when planning your Wedding. The thought of adding another item to your “To Do” list just seems overwhelming! But the process of writing your vows can really be inspiring and snap you back into the moment and reason why you have chosen this special person to walk through life with!!

This is a huge commitment you are making and honestly, at the end of the day, your wedding ceremony and vow commitment is an amazing opportunity to really tell your fiance how you feel in a very poetic manner. The best way to personalize your ceremony is to write your own wedding vows. Here are some tips on how to write them!

Tip #1: Speak from your heart! Don’t get caught up in word length or the vows being too long or too short. Take as much time and thought to write your vows down as it takes. Remember that the commitment is between the two of you, stay true to that.

Tip #2: Stay true to your relationship and personalize it! Don’t feel silly including inside jokes or nicknames you and your groom have with each other. This adds a personal touch and your guests will surely be amused with listening to the vows.

Tip #3: Write vows in the positive (e.g., “I will treat you with respect,” instead of, “I will not be disrespectful toward you.”). Write vows that make you feel joyful, inspired, excited, and optimistic. Write vows using bold language. Examples include “I will,” “I commit to,” “As your partner/husband/wife/friend/lover I intend to . . .”

Tip #4: Carry your vows with you to the altar. Nerves will probably dominate on the big day. You will want to have a “back up plan.” Type what you will say clearly and keep it with you or give to your maid of honor to hold to be ready for an accidental memory lapse. It is completely acceptable to read your vows you don’t have to memorize them!

Tip #5: Write your vows together! Yes, it is OK to write a rough draft copy alone but you should fuse them together before the big day. There are a few reasons for this. You want the ceremony to flow smoothly, by rehearsing them beforehand it assures that it will. It will also calm some of your anxiety if you both have an idea what each other is going to say. Length is also an issue so you want to make sure it’s cohesive. You can keep parts of it private if you want, but if you are comfortable sharing I would encourage you to do that.

After the wedding have your vows framed as a keepsake that you can keep for ever.

LaDawn Williams is the CEO/Executive Director and Certified Wedding Planner and Designer of Platinum Lining Events, an event planning and design company located in Southern California. She is also an award winning Wedding Planner, 5 Star Rated with Wedding Wire and a Certified Wedding Consultant from the American Academy of Wedding Professionals. She is a Member of the Association of Bridal Consultants and has earned the designation of Professional Bridal Consultant™.

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